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NOV 2013

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NEW PRODUCTS Conventional, HVLP, HVLP-plus, adhesive- and abrasive-resistant versions allow the WA 900 to perform well whether it is in use spraying paints, adhesives, mold release, lubricants, inks, dyes or aggressive media. "There are also times when energy savings or environmental initiatives are of top concern for particular application systems," Kaspers says. "This is when the HVLP and HVLPplus versions come into play." These models are designed to use less material and save air. Quick-release adapter plates add to the versatility of the WA 900. If an application calls for spraying aggressive or waterbased media; the stainless steel plate should be used. If weight is an issue, and the material is being sprayed is not waterbased; a lighter aluminum version can be used. With this design, Kaspers says, "there is virtually no downtime on account of maintenance or cleaning work; the operator can simply exchange one gun for a new/clean unit in a few short seconds." The company recommends that an extra gun be kept on hand in order to realize the most cost- and time-saving benefts. Another operator-friendly feature of the WA 900 is a PTFEcoated gun body for easy cleaning. "We know how dirty an operation area can become," Kaspers says. "So the PTFEcoating minimizes cleaning time and facilitates an extremely easy cleaning process." Walther Pilot / 586-598-0347 / Filtration Systems Offers Dry Separation in Wet Painting Designed for wet paint overspray recycling and/or disposal, the Reclaim industrial air fltration system from Keller USA provides environmentally reliable dry separation for wet painting operations. The system is adaptable for both compact and large spray booths, and is an integrated component of Keller's Vario series of dust collectors. The Reclaim system features Keller's ProBran Blue flter elements with a pleated confguration for a maximum fltration surface and a long service life averaging more than 15,000 hours. Paint particles and aerosols are absorbed in a limestone pre-coating applied to the surface of the flters. Saturated particulate falls to the bottom of a silo, while fresh pre-coating remains on the surface. The paint-saturated pre-coating material can either be reused or simply discarded, while fresh pre-coating is applied to the flters with compressed air pulses at pre-set intervals. Keller USA Inc. / 803-3962000 / PRODUCTS FINISHING — 47

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