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NOV 2013

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Cutting Down Pretreatment waste anD water No Heating Energy savings is another huge byproduct of the conversion for Husqvarna, since the plant no longer need to heat the tanks for the phosphate. Using calculations from spray washer manufacturers that design new equipment, Chemetall says a reduction from 130°F to ambient temperature, in a typical washer spraying 400 gal/ min, from a 1,200-gallon tank running two shifts per day, with a natural gas cost of $6 per million BTU, would save almost $25,000 annually in natural gas. That was right on target for Husqvarna, says Holland, who saw savings in energy costs and chemical costs. That fit well into Husqvarna's sustainability plans on the corporate level, as the company has become known for launching eco-friendly products designed to work with the environment it serves. Husqvarna launched AutoTune as a technological and environmental breakthrough in professional chainsaws several years ago. A computer chip regulates the flow of fuel to the engine, which optimizes performance and minimizes exhaust emissions The company's Automower Solar Hybrid—the first robotic lawn mower on the market—is driven by both solar cells and batteries. The X-TORQ is an engine technology developed by Husqvarna for two-stroke engines that reduces exhaust emissions by 20 percent and fuel consumption by 60-75 percent. The outdoor equipment company has pretreatment and powder coating lines in its McRae, Ga. facility. says. "We thought what we had was good, but looking at this new system, we now have something great." For information on Husqvarna, please visit For information on Chemetall, please call 800-526-4473 or visit Environmentally Friendly Husqvarna also offers environmentally modified fuels and lubricants such as alkylate gas, which has reduced levels of benzene and olefins. Vegoil is optimized oil for chains that extends the life of the chain while reducing environmental impact. Holland and the staff at McRae are excited that they led the charge here in the U.S. to reduce the ecological impact of their production facility, and they appreciate their partnership with Chemetall, with whom they have now been working for more than 20 years. "Some might look at us as guinea pigs, but what we did for the Husqvarna Group is something we are proud of," Holland A Perfect Case for Removing Sludge from Pretreatment Chemical change ends sludge buildup for CNH coating line in plant in Fargo, N.D. as the company re-engineered its paint line's pretreatment system to improve its performance and reduce costs, a process that took nearly two years and numerous trials before they were able to find just the right fit. PRODUCTS FINISHING — 33

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