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NOV 2013

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NEWs Nanodiamond Plating Applications Awarded R&D Boost Plating Technology Inc. in Dayton, Ohio, has been awarded a research and development contract by NanoBlox Inc. for a joint study of nanodiamond applications for metal fnishing. The project is part of an Army research contract with NanoBlox to determine if the unique purity of the company's nano material has a new potential for a more lubricious and greater wear surface in nickel platings. The nano material was acknowledged for its purity by the Army Research Laboratory prior to the award. A variety of steel alloys will be plated and tested with and without the nano material for an in-depth comparison of the property changes. "This project has been an exciting part of our expansion in the Dayton market," says Kirk Urmey, Plating Technology CEO. "Building a new lab and adding production equipment solidifes our future in Dayton. The NanoBlox relationship is very promising. Their nanodiamonds have been proven to be the purest available, manufactured in the United States and now exclusive through Plating Technology for all metal fnishing." For more information visit Oerlikon Balzers Expands in the U.S. Swiss-based coatings applicator Oerlikon Balzers continued its expansion in the U.S. when its 14th location opened in Oklahoma City in July. "We see further signs of growing demand in the U.S., and this center will position us to take advantage of growth in this, our second largest market," says CEO Dr. Hans Brändle, whose company applies physical vapor deposition coatings for the aerospace, automotive, energy and of-road industries. Dr. Roland Herb, head of tools at Oerlikon Balzers says that Oklahoma City was selected as the site for the new center because several key industries are located in the region. "The Oklahoma City location will allow us to serve customers throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and north Texas," Herb says. Brändle says Oerlikon Balzers' latest coating technologies allow for the machining of non-ferrous materials like titanium, aluminum and aerospace composite materials—everything from cutting materials used in jet propulsion to structural components for aircraf. "With the opening of our new Oklahoma City facility, we will target the aerospace and oil and gas industries using our latest advanced PVD coating technologies," he says. "Our customers will beneft from high performance coating options for landing gear, seat tracks and engine components, just to name a few." For more information about growth in the aerospace industry, read "Filled to Capacity" starting on p. 18. PRODUCTS FINISHING — 9

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