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OCT 2013

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PARTS CLEANING PRODUCTS Consider Contact us today to learn how we can improve your cleaning and stripping applications and save you time and money. Natrium® Soda Blast More Productive Less Dust 1-800-962-4203 Multi-Alloy Phosphating System Treats Metals Phoskro A-100 from Puma Chemical is a liquid multi-metal phosphate system for treating steel and aluminum. It contains iron for durability, manganese for hardness, zinc for galvanic protection and molybdenum for passivation. It can be used in automated feeding systems and operates efectively at low temperatures, making it suited for use with a low-temperature cleaner in a single stage, if soil conditions permit. During the coating process, the system frst forms a ferro-molybdate complex, then zinc and iron pyrophosphates are deposited on top. According to the company, the molybdate complex is very tight in nature and acts like a plated coating, preventing penetration to the bare metal even with severe usage. Overall, Phoskro A-100 is formulated to produce a denser and tighter crystal structure than iron phosphate systems, resulting in increased adhesion and durability of paint fnishes. The paint/ coating bond it produces ofers corrosion resistance comparable to those ofered by many zinc phosphating systems, Puma says. The Phoskro A-100 system is designed to be easy to use and control, requiring no separate pH-controlling additive. It can be used in spray or immersion applications of one or more stages, includes no detergent, ofers minimum sludge and scale formation, and is low foaming. Even at solution temperatures of 100°F or lower, the system provides a coating weight of 270 mg/m2, which meets requirements of Federal Specifcation TT-C-490B Type II, the company says. Puma Chemical / 800-211-7993 / High-Frequency Generator for Ultrasonic Cleaning The JYD-1000G ultrasonic generator from Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology features a high-frequency laser with improved stability and intensity for faster and more thorough cleaning. External touch-button control enables the user to monitor the generator's operating parameters, including operating current, operating frequency, cleaning time, current overload and more, on an integrated digital display. A PLC remote control and current overload alarm also are included. An additional EMC component efectively reduces electromagnetic interference while increasing the machine's stability and reliability. The generator ofers working frequencies of 68, 80, 100, 120 135, 170 and 200 kHz, and working power of 600 and 1,200 W. Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology / 86 0755 28177180 / 84 OCtobER 2013 —

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