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OCT 2013

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PARTS CLEANING PRODUCTS System Combines Ultrasonics, Mechanical Cleaning Miraclean Ultrasonics' SonicCell Cube is a highperformance, precision parts-cleaning system that uses ultrasonics plus two additional types of mechanical cleaning and rinsing actions to clean of variety of parts, including medical devices, aerospace and automotive components, tools and more. It is compact, fully automated and fully enclosed. Miraclean, Div. Chautauqua Chemicals Co. / 716-763-4343 / Static Eliminator Neutralizes, Cleans Wide Surfaces Exair's 54-inch Super Ion Air Knife neutralizes static electricity while blowing away dust and particulates from printed surfaces, paper, plastics and three-dimensional shapes. The 54-inch-wide laminar airstream full of static-eliminating ions is said to be effective at high speeds and can clean from as far as 20 f away. The device uses only 16.7 scfm of compressed air at 5 psig to entrain high volumes of surrounding room air. An electrically powered static control bar flls the uniform sheet of air with a high concentration of positive and negative ions. The laminar airstream increases the surface exposure to the ions, making it efective for high-speed processes and over long distances. Force can be adjusted from a "blast" to a "breeze." Applications include surface cleaning, neutralizing plastics, bag opening, pre-paint dust removal, printing machinery, packaging operations and elimination of painful static electricity shock. A variety of lengths up to 96 inches (2,438 mm) are available. Exair Corp. / 800-903-9247 / 78 OCtobER 2013 — Blaster Features 2 High-Power Blast Wheels The SH 4848 Spinner Hanger blaster from Viking Blast & Wash Systems is equipped with two VK Powermax 15-hp, 3,525-rpm blast wheels and aggressive air intake that enables application of more than 2,400 cfm, yielding cleaner abrasive and a cleaner cabinet, the company says. The drum is made of rolled manganese and lined with manganese on the sides and ½-inch cast chrome/moly directly in front of the blast wheels. Available options include a rotary scalping drum, auxiliary abrasive hopper, additional horsepower and a peening package. Safety light curtains with two palm buttons and NFPA-required defagration panels are standard. Viking Blast & Wash Systems / 800-835-1096 / Aqueous System Cleans Parts With Internal Bores BladeWash aqueous parts washers from MecWash Systems are designed to clean the internal cooling channels in turbine blades as well as other parts with internal bores and complex geometries. Originally designed for turbine blades made of nickel-based super alloys, BladeWash completely removes the casting media used in the manufacturing process so that the blades can be used in an engine assembly. The wash process features a high fow rate designed for fushing components. The components are held in a confned wash chamber while water is pumped through and around the components at 265–475 gal/ min (1,000-1,800 L/ min), depending on the component and fxturing. Mecwash Systems / 440-488-1424 /

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