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OCT 2013

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PARTS CLEANING Have a Blast Cleaning Parts Achieving precision surface fnishes with slurry blasting. By Rick Roth Rosler Metal Finishing The concept of the wet blasting process in parts cleaning and surface finishing is straightforward enough: Combine abrasive media with water to form a special slurry, then add regulated compressed air to control the pressure as it is discharged over a surface. It is a dust-free and static-free process that removes burrs, scale, oxidation and rust, marks, paint and coatings. It can also remove oils and grease while performing other functions such as preparing the surface for other coatings or processes. Today, matte finishes are a popular choice for parts—often for both practical and cosmetic reasons. Automated slurryblasting machines are a great choice for achieving fine, nondirectional matte finishes in a single operation. Depending on the application, profiles of less than 4 Ra are possible, and users can choose from various media, including glass beads, ceramic or plastics. The slurry-blast process virtually eliminates embedded media issues commonly found in dry blasting systems. The water and slurry are recirculated, requiring no drain hookup. The process does not create dust, and chemicals are not required, adding to its appeal for manufacturers committed to limiting their environmental impact. Controls And Monitoring Finding the right slurry blasting equipment, however, as well as achieving and constantly maintaining the desired results Automated slurryblasting machines provide a fine, non-directional matte finish in a single operation. 70 OCTOBER 2013 —

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