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OCT 2013

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NEW PRODUCTS Gaging Systems Measure Without Contact Spot-Curing System Controls Operating Temps Non-contact, ultrasonic gaging and positioning systems from Albion Devices Inc. use air-coupled, pulse-echo acoustic technology to measure thickness, distance, position, perpendicularity, shape and orientation. Accuracy is 0.0005 inch over a dynamic range of 2.5 to 6.0 inches, and the greater of +/-0.2 percent of range or +/-0.001 inch over a dynamic range of 6 to 18 inches. According to the company, this accuracy is due to a capacitive transducer that transmits and receives a high-frequency, unambiguous sound pulse. In addition, environmental factors that afect the speed of sound in air have been largely eliminated through extensive signal processing. Gages ofered include the Model UT 200 non-contact thickness or OD measure system and the Model UI 210 noncontract internal measurement system. Each of these systems includes two ultrasonic sensor heads, a single controller with all boards and hardware to output measurement, a Windows 7-compatible DigiSonic control and gaging sofware. The Model UD 100 non-contact distance, position, fll level and movement measurement system includes the same features but with a single sensor instead of two. Albion Devices Inc. / 858-792-9585 / Version 3.0 of Dymax Corp.'s BlueWave 200 spot-curing system features an automatic, controlled power-up sequence that ensures proper lamp operating temperature to maximize scrap. A smooth faceplate design also ofers an improved operator interface for easier setup, programming and operation. The large LCD graphic display ofers comfortable operator viewing during programming and operation, and shows unit status and fault mode notifcations. Also located on the faceplate is the patented intensity adjustment control, which is said to be critical for validating appropriate intensity levels and maintaining those levels during production. Users can adjust the unit's intensity output to accommodate for bulb degradation and other factors that may afect process repeatability and consistency. The BlueWave 200 emits energy in the UVA and visible portion of the spectrum (300-450 nm) for curing of light-curable adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. Well-suited for either manual or automated processes, the unit contains an integral shutter that can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC, and a universal power input that enables global operation and is designed to provide consistent performance at virtually any voltage. A range of light guides in various materials and confgurations are available for use with this unit, providing application fexibility. Dymax Corp. / 877-396-2988 / Plasma Process Protects Against Moisture, Tin Whiskers The PlasmaShield plasma conformal coating process from Semblant Ltd. is designed to prevent solids and liquids from contacting electronics, protect against vapor damage and mitigate tin whiskers. The process can reduce or eliminate the need for masking and is said to produce a continuously uniform and pinhole-free coating. According to the company, coating continuity is crucial in protecting against moisture, salts, harmful liquids, destructive gasses, tin whiskers, creep corrosion and other contaminants. The plasma deposition of thin coating also simplifes rework. Coating removal is not required before repairing or replacing components, reducing the risk of damaging the printed circuit board during the removal process. Concerns related to shelf life, potting life, curing time and operator safety also are eliminated, the company says. The PlasmaShield conformal coating solution is suited for industries such as military, aerospace and industrial equipment; automotive electronics; medical devices; and other traditional high-reliability segments; as well as high-volume electronics manufacturers. Semblant Ltd. / 480-278-7015 / 106 OCTOBER 2013 —

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