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OCT 2013

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PRODUCTS FINISHING NEW PRODUCTS Edited by El McKenzie Revolutionary Pretreatment The award-winning Picklex line replaces hazardous chemicals in cleaning, conversion coating. By Kate Hand, Sr. Managing Editor If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a 46-second video could be worth a fortune for your pretreatment process. In a quick "Removal of Flash Rust" video from Huntsville, Ala.-based International Chemical Products Inc., maker of Picklex and Picklex 20, a metal test strip goes from red rusted to bright and shiny in just moments. The Picklex line of products doesn't just remove rust though, says International Chemical Products company President Ranjit Sen. Rather, it is used for complete metal surface preparation and pretreatment (both ferrous and non-ferrous) in all diferent types of applications, ofen replacing traditional pretreatment/ conversion coatings such as nitric acid, sanding, blasting, phosphates, chromate conversion coatings, chemical sealers and rust inhibitors. Picklex is an environmentally safe alternative that's nontoxic, non-hazardous, nonfammable, water-soluble and doesn't fall under any EPA, OSHA or DOT regulation. Picklex, says Sen, is a water-based environmentally safe alternative that's non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-fammable and doesn't fall under any EPA, OSHA or DOT regulation. "It's ready to use, no mixing, and it eliminates all hazardous and toxic chemicals used in metal surface preparation such as, acid, phosphate and chromate," Sen says. And although the admittedly cool video shows fash rust removal, that's just the tip of the iceberg, according to the company. Picklex also removes weld and laser scale and white rust all while cleaning, coating and sealing to prevent further moisture absorption. Picklex 20 is a value-added product and eliminates blasting for new metals, increases weld strength and provides years of indoor rust protection. "We do extensive ASTM B117 salt spray tests at EN Process Delivers Black Finish 102 Infrared Thermometer Ofers 5 Operating Modes The Enplate Onyx mid-phosphorus electroless nickel process from Enthone is designed to provide an optimum black appearance on complex part geometries, including electrical connector components used in the commercial and military aerospace industries. The cadmium-free and lead-free process can be used on a range of substrates, including steel, stainless steel, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, powdered metal products and copper alloys. It is RoHS, WEEE and ELV compliant. The process includes a mid-phosphorus EN followed by a single immersion blackening step. The need for a post-dip sealant/topcoat is eliminated. Corrosion performance may be further optimized by using a duplex EN coating, the company says. Enplate is said to ofer excellent solution stability and contaminant tolerance for an enhanced and consistent surface appearance. Enthone Inc. / 203-799-4908 / The Spot R100 high-temperature, non-contact, infrared thermometer from Ametek's Land Instrument's unit combines fve diferent operating modes and ofers enhanced on-board processing capabilities, eliminating the need for a separate signal processing device. The operating modes include ratio setting, two single wavelengths, a multi-mode setting and duo setting. The ratio setting mode was specifcally designed for metal heat treatment applications that require high-accuracy temperature measurement for overall process control and product quality. The thermometer features a simple user interface for local setup and confguration, including spot size and focus distance, live target temperature, emissivity, alarms, and measurement range. Confguration also can be achieved remotely. It has a built-in camera to aid with target alignment, and ofers a combination of Ethernet, Modbus, TCP, video and analogue inputs and outputs. Ametek/Land Instruments / 1246 417691 / OCTOBER 2013 —

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