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OCT 2013

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NEVER FINISHED request emotionally. Many times what we think we read or heard and what the other person meant to write or say are two different things. A Little Help for the New Guy 4. Ask "Can you?" Don't tell: "You need to." Self explanatory. 5. Walk in the other person's shoes and not just in your own mind. Spend time in her meetings or spend a day with her. Find out what her day is really like. 6. When making a request of operations, state the issue and what customer expectations are. Forwarding a string of emails with the question "What do you think?" wastes time and leads to misunderstanding. 7. These could be your knees... Have an in-person summit at least monthly. Seeing each other across the table is more productive than hearing each other over the phone or communicating by email. Get the sales and operations teams together in the same room to talk about the business at least monthly. 8. Have new hires who are just getting started in the finishing business? Direct them to the Fundamentals Zone on PFOnline. Chock full of video tutorials and building-block articles on all things finishing, it's sure to give them a leg up on training. Have more regular "non-issuerelated" interaction. Don't limit discussions and time together just to the instances when issues or problems come up. Go to a ball game together, spend an evening fishing, go to lunch and talk about your weekend. 9. Artifcial joints get pretty personal and need very specifc fnishes. So who do you trust to provide the exact fnishes your OEM requires? Rosler has specialized in superior surface fnishing equipment and consumables for over 60 years. Our system solutions provide precise, repeatable processes to meet the strict requirements of the medical device industry. Be genuine and don't be afraid to put issues on the table. Communicate honestly and respectfully at all times. 10. Amid any conflict between sales and operations, protect the company's reputation and service customers. We're all in this together. I think they nailed it. Will following these "rules of engagement" lead to more harmonious interaction between sales and operations? Ask me a few months down the road. By then I'll know. Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC is the leader in mass fnishing, shot blasting, automated processes and media - made in the USA. Visit or call 269-441-3000. See us at FABTECH – Booth S1992 PRODUCTS FINISHING — 99

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