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INNOVATIONS 48 SEPTEMBER 2018 — • Superb corrosion resistance • Meets automotive, military and aerospace requirements • Plates castings and hardened steels • Barrel or rack applications • Easy to operate LUSTER-ON PRODUCTS, INC. 54 Waltham Avenue Springfield, MA 01109 800.888.2541 Luster-On Zinick II Acid zinc-nickel alloy plating system Luster-On Zinick II with Luster-On TZN chromate – 240 hours in salt spray chamber and still going. In-House PVD Coating System Saves Time, Costs VaporTech's VT-3000i coating system is designed to deposit materials using physi- cal vapor deposition (PVD) or plasma- enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE- CVD), as well as coat temperature-sensi- tive substrates using low-temperature arc vapor deposition technology (LTAVD). These technologies can deposit a range of metallic colors as well as diamond-like carbon (DLC) and functional coatings. The system features a smaller footprint and updated design than its predecessor, making it easier to integrate into manufac- turing facilities. It also is designed to be simpler and easier to install, operate and maintain. According to the company, using this system in house enables manufacturers to save time and money over using a third party to coat parts. Vapor Technologies / 303-652-8500 / Manual Gun Well-Suited for Applying Highly Viscous Materials Dürr's EcoGun AS MAN 1AF manual spray gun features a pressure-assisted, gravity-feed cup system that provides a fine spray pattern, even with highly viscous and thixotropic coating materials. Atomization is key to obtaining a high-qual- ity painting result, the company points out, and this new gun feeds compressed air to the pressurized cup at a rate of as much as 0.4 bar. A pressure-relief valve ensures that the pressure in the system does not exceed 0.4 bar, staying below the EU's Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) limit of 0.5 bar. The manual spray gun features a fast application speed and is well-suited for materials including solvent- and water- based paints, stains, glazes, lubricants, prim, and adhesives. The infinite adjustment of its wide and round spray adds to its versatility, and it also comes with a range of nozzle sizes. Since neither a pump nor pressure vessel is required, the gravity-feed cup system is a cost-effective alternative to pres- sure-fed spray guns, the company says, and its optimized operat- ing principle means that it consumes less coating media. Other benefits include low weight, an ergonomic handle and a fully nickel-plated surface that makes the gun easy to clean. Dürr Systems / 866-387-7178 /

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