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INNOVATIONS PRODUCTS FINISHING — 45 Plating coatings such as chromi- um, copper or zinc in small parts (eg. screws, nuts and bolts) Measurement of anodic coatings Easy data transfer and analysis software Accurate plating thickness measurement with FISCHER instruments Contact Us for more information: 860.683.0781 Powerful handheld devices for precise coating thickness measurement Coating Thickness Material Analysis Nanoindentation Material Testing 950°F Belt Conveyor Oven Used for Heat Treating Grieve's No. 831 is a 950°F (510°C) belt conveyor oven currently used for heat treat- ing springs at a customer's facility. Workspace dimensions are 14" × 54" × 3", and 81,600 Btu/hr. are installed in a modulating infrared natural gas burner to heat the oven chamber, while a 250-cfm, 1/3-hp recirculating blower provides vertical down- ward airflow to the workload. The oven has a 12"-long open-belt loading zone and a 54"-long insulated heat zone with recirculated airflow. Other features include a 12"-long open unloading zone; a 10"-wide, 0.041" high-carbon-steel woven-wire conveyor belt with 1/40-hp motor variable-speed drive; 4" insulated walls comprised of 2" of 1,990°F block and 2" of 10 lb/cf density rockwool; aluminized steel interior and exterior; and a digital indicating temperature controller. Grieve Corp. / 847-546-8225 / Gas Catalytic IR Heaters Certified for Use in Explosive Environments Heraeus offers a range of gas catalytic infrared heaters certified to the ATEX II 2G standard, making them suited for use in above-ground environments in which there is a risk of explosion caused by gases, vapors, mists or air/dust mixtures. Heraeus Noblelight America / 888-276-8600 / Venturi Scrubbers Available in Integrated Packages Bionomic Industries' Series 7000/8000 venturi scrubbers are available in fully integrated pre-engineered packages, com- plete with recirculation pumps, piping networks, instrumen- tation and automated controls. Units destined for outdoor installation in cold climates also are available with a freeze- protection package. According to the company, the scrubber packages enable meeting current PM 10 and PM 2.5 particulate emission standards, and offer trouble-free, low-maintenance opera- tion. They also are available in a variety of materials to enable operation on extremely corrosive or erosive gas-contaminant streams. An advanced throat design and diverging section provide high collection efficiencies at reduced pressure drops. Throat sections are available for manual operation or can be equipped with an optional automatic adjustment mechanism for maximum flexibility in meeting the required collection efficiency and gas volume operating range, the company says. Typical applications include high-efficiency collection of micron and sub-micron particulate emitted from dryers, calciners, power boilers, kilns, hazardous waste incinerators, process vessels, material-handling operations; particulate and mists generated from metal cleaning/descaling operations; iron briquetting and pellet- izing emissions; cleanup of syngas tars and particulate from gasifiers; abrasive dusts including taconite ores, catalysts, metal carbides and oxides; and others. Bionomic Industries / 800-311-6767 /

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