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INNOVATIONS PRODUCTS FINISHING — 43 FINISHING SYSTEMS (920) 743-6568 | STURGEON BAY, WI WWW.TTXINC.COM POWDER COATING PRETREATMENT HEAT PROCESSING LIQUID SPRAY COATING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN PAINT FINISHING EQUIPMENT YOUR BEST FINISH STARTS WITH US! THERMA-TRON-X, INC. ELECTROCOATING Robotic Paint Atomizer Allows for Real-Time Diagnostics ABB's Ability Connected Atomizer combines a sensor-equipped atomizer with the company's Ability digital system, allowing for real-time smart diagnostics and precise paint control to optimize painting quality. According to the company, this will allow automakers, for example, to optimize painting quality in real time during appli- cation rather than following a quality inspection aƞer painting is completed. The design of the system's externally charged atomizer increases paint transfer efficiency and reduces paint waste by 75 percent between fre- quent color changes, the company says. It also doubles the operating time between manual cleaning from two to more than four hours, meaning the system is easier to maintain, and can stay online and productive longer without over-spray contamination. Connecting the sensor-equipped atomizer to the ABB Ability digital system allows for monitoring of key atomizer compo- nents such as bell cups, air motors and shaping air rings, as well as variables such as acceleration, pressure, vibration and tem- perature. This can boost paint transfer efficiency by as much as 10 percent while the paint is being applied, the company says, and also eliminates the need for costly downtime for repainting or touchups. ABB Inc., Robotics / 888-785-3904 / Anti-fingerprint Coating for Display Glass Provides Enhanced Cleanability, Improved Wear PPG has unveiled a spray-on coating featuring a patent-pending alkoxy-silane formula that equips electronic display glass with hydrophilic (water-absorbing) and hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties, resulting in greater adhesion for better durability, and low water- and oil-contact angles for enhanced fingerprint hiding. According to the company, the coating also has a unique silk-like feel that creates a more pleasant tactile experience for users of smartphones, tablets and other shared devices. It also is designed to make such products easier to clean and maintain. PPG / 888-774-2001 / Gages Measure Coating Thickness on Variety of Metals Two models of the PosiTest DFT II coating thickness gage from Paul N. Gardner are available: a ferrous version for measuring non-magnetic coatings on steel, and a combo version that can be used to measure both non-magnetic coatings on steel and non-conductive coatings on aluminum, brass and others. Benefits include fast, repeatable measurements at rates of 60+ readings per minute; onscreen averaging for as many as 99 readings; a wear-resistant, ruby- tipped probe; a V-groove in probe for positioning on cylindrical parts; adjustable display brightness for optimal visibility; a simple, icon-based menu; and a reset feature when no zero reference is available. Paul N. Gardner Co. / 800-762-2478 /

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