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PRODUCTS FINISHING — 31 CLIMATE-CONTROL BOOTHS Robots with Ransburg Evolver automatic electrostatic spray guns are used in this climate-controlled booth. This control system typically controls: • Spr ay booth demand for air. • Spr ay booth filter loading with overspray. • Spr ay booth exhaust fans and speed. • Cooling, chiller output or the mechanical air conditioning system. • Heating unit, burners or boilers. • All safety sensors if the booth is using recirculation of exhaust air to reduce the exhaust volume. Location, Location, Location Every location has a climate average for temperature and humidity, as well as an average maximum and minimum of temp/humidity. It's critical to have the correct climate conditions for your finishing system/spray booths so that defects are minimized. Paint equipment can all be dialed into the optimum range for a Class A finish, but the wrong climate can make all those efforts ineffectual. Most HVAC manufacturers use information from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to determine climate variations and design the type of system needed for a specfic location. A particular shop's location and specifications will determine the type of system that will best meet its needs. Marty Powell is in technical systems sales for Carlisle Fluid Technologies. He can be reached at or 419-276-5969. If you chose the dirty one on the bottom, don't feel bad, because you probably haven't experienced the difference. Fact is, the clean, "straight-from-the-box" filter on the top will need to be changed much sooner than the dirty filter on the bottom. Even after heavy loading, this filter still has at least twice as much effective filtering life as the clean filter on the top. (By the way, these are actual photos without any fancy retouching.) Savvy sprayers know that you have to measure filter life by the number of parts sprayed—not by the square foot. That's where exclusive, patented Diamond Pocket TM Technology delivers a clear advantage. Independent tests in real-world production environments prove that outperforms competitors, allowing up to 500% more product to be finished between filter changes. Discover why hundreds have switched to and why you should too. ® Paint Pockets Paint ® Pockets ® Paint Pockets ® Paint Pockets ® Paint Pockets ® Paint Pockets A better way to calculate filter cost Get a FREE set of filters for your spray booth and prove it for yourself! Which filter would you change next? Clean Competitive Filter Dirty Paint Pockets TM Only Diamond Pocket Technology ® Paint Pockets delivers the time and money-saving performance of the TM patented C O M P A N Y Paint Pockets TM 877-768-7587 •

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