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BY MARTY POWELL CARLISLE FLUID TECHNOLOGIES Climate Control for Better Liquid and Powder Coatings Air make-up units can provide climate control and dehumidification for improved finishing results. 28 SEPTEMBER 2018 — POWDER COATING Every liquid or powder coating operation has different climate averages for temperature and humidity, and a shop needs the correct climate conditions to minimize coating defects on parts. Some coating processes are so critical that failure of the coating is just not acceptable, and when a job requires 24/7 production, it is not possible to wait until climate conditions are "just right." In addition, some coatings show failure imme- diately when they are applied in too hot/dry, too hot/humid or too cold a climate. If climate control is needed, it should start with speci- fication of the temperature with acceptable variation (for example, 78°F with ±5°F) and relative humidity with accept- able variation (say, 65 percent, with ±10 percent).

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