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Perfection Industrial Finishing | Tucson, Arizona | 520-434-9090 | Charles Zinke is all ears when it comes to customer feedback, but he's especially receptive to comments and concerns from his team of 86 employees at Perfection Industrial Finishing. "We are constantly asking for feedback from the team, and we listen," says Zinke, president of the Tucson, Arizona, company. "We provide a lot of classroom, process and system-specific on-the-job training; offer a wage higher than the market; offer a competitive benefits package; and offer something a little different." It's for those reasons that Perfection is being honored in the Training/Human Resources category of the 2018 Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey. The company doesn't just focus on how an employee performs his or her job; it also takes a look at how things are going in that person's life outside of the facility. "We have a network resource administrator that inter- views the team to see what their challenges are outside of work," Zinke says. "She helps address those concerns with a network of nonprofit and community resources. If we can help resolve those external issues, our work force will be more dependable and focused while here at work." It is that attention to his staff that makes Zinke and his company perform at such a high level, he says. The company has more than 1,000 customers who use its services, and each year Perfection retains about 98 percent of them. "We understand that it is the customer that drives our business," Zinke says. "There are a lot of capable shops that can produce the finishes we provide, and have the quality certifica- tions and systems, but what sets Perfection apart is its total commit- ment to customer service." To drive home this point, the Perfection team is trained that it's the customer that funds their paychecks, not the company, and that the customer can fire them at any moment. "We empower our team to always be watchful of any issues that will impact our customers' stringent quality stan- dards or their on-time delivery," Zinke says. "We have a rule that all customer communication needs to be answered or at least updated within 120 minutes, and we track that KPI [key performance indicator]." The Perfection team's performance numbers are almost perfect: 99.3 percent on-time delivery, 99.47 percent first-pass yield and other high marks in customer service categories. Zinke says there is one reason for all of this: "Our team. We spend a lot of time together discussing ways to improve our company to better serve the customer. We continue to receive high marks from our customers during our quarterly customer surveys, and we have been locally, regionally and nationally recog- nized for our commitment to our team and the training programs we provide." The shop not only performs liquid and powder coating, but also plating and anodizing, which earned it a Products Finishing Top Shops award in those categories earlier this year, another accomplishment of which Zinke and his team are proud. "When we were notified about being named a Products Finishing Top Shop, it was a very proud moment for me personally, but after a short period, I truly realized it was my team that made this happen," he says. "It is wonderful that all of the hard work we put in as a team gets recog- nized on a national scale." From left, Marc Cuellar, production manager for liquid applications and chemical coatings; Toni Guana, director of operations; Will Calderon, production manager for powder coating and prep operations; Charles Zinke, president; Deb Hendzel, quality associate; Lee Drudge, shipping, receiving and warehouse manager; and Cedric Smith, director of quality, safety and training. SHOPS 2018 Teamwork Makes Perfection Industrial Finishing Shine 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 — BENCHMARKING RESULTS

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