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Pro-Kote is relatively small, with just nine employees, but the shop still turned out more than 775,000 coated parts in 2017. Asked why Pro-Kote can do so much with such a small staff, Woods says the answer is simple: "Employees, employees, employees. We have some long- term employees that care, and they really help in the training of new hires." The company has a core of about 25 customers, Woods says, and he doesn't bid on a lot of jobs that he doesn't believe would be a good fit for his shop. In 2017, he won about 65 percent of the jobs he bid. Woods' son, Steve, is the manager of the facility, and his daughter-in law and Steve's wife, Brittney, is the office manager. "We always stress safety first," Woods says. "And good communication and respect for your fellow worker." Pro-Kote has earned the Products Finishing Top Shops award in the past, but Woods says the recognition never get old. "It's quite an honor to be named a Product Finishing Top Shop," he says. "It let's you know that even though we are a small shop, we must be doing things right." on-time-delivery rate, which means the shop can handle the big parts in an efficient manner. "Our company philosophy and strategic direction has always been to be in the top tier of the industry in quality, delivery response and performance," Phillips says. "We start with an intense focus on customer's needs—current and potential—and from that we build our systems and assets and HR to satisfy those needs." Sometimes the customers cannot even anticipate their own needs in a rapidly changing world, he says, but Bristol believes it to be its responsibility to develop enough of an understanding of what those needs might be and to develop the requirements to service those needs effectively. Winning the 2018 Products Finishing Top Shops honor is reinforcement that those philosophies are working, Phillips says. Bristol's sister business, Active Metal Plating, was a 2018 Products Finishing Top Shop in the electroplating survey earlier this year. "It is an honor to be named a Products Finishing Top Shop," Phillips says. "It recognizes and validates the significant effort our staff and suppliers and customers have made over the last several years." SHOPS 2018 SHOPS 2018 Scrubbers • NOx, SO2, HCl, Cl2, H2SO4 • Ideal for gas streams with high loadings or high chemical reactivity. • Systems can incorporate particulate control. • Used for odor control, adaptable to NOx with the multi-stage Tri-NOx system. Wet Dust Collectors • Whirl/Wet system uses very little water. • 99% efficient over a wide range of micron sizes. • Dust collector will not clog under severe operating conditions. • Best technology for soluble and insoluble particulate. • 1" Polypropylene construction; other thermoplastics and steel alloys available. • Tanks are engineered to customer requirements; all shapes and sizes. • Other thermoplastic fabrication includes hoods, ductwork, process equipment. Process Tanks Technology Leader air pollution control (989) 723-7838 Manufacturing in Owosso, MI USA Òsince 1960Ó PRODUCTS FINISHING — 19 TOP SHOPS

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